Why is exit() necessary after header()

Source: http://stackoverflow.com/questions/2747791/why-i-have-to-call-exit-after-redirection-through-headerlocation-in-php could the code after the header-location call be effectively executed? Yes, always. The header is only a line of data asking the browser to redirect. The rest of the page will still be served by PHP and can be looked at by the client by simply preventing theheader command from executing. That is easy enough to do with a command-line client … Read moreWhy is exit() necessary after header()

Find files containing text with bash

Source: http://www.dzone.com/snippets/find-files-containing-text grep -lir “some text” * The -l switch outputs only the names of files in which the text occurs (instead of each line containing the text), the -i switch ignores the case, and the -r descends into subdirectories.    

SQL Server- Duplicate Values in Identity Columns

Source: http://subhrosaha.wordpress.com/2012/11/14/sql-server-duplicate-values-in-identity-columns/ SQL Server internally manages the values of Identity Columns and does not generate any Duplicate Values. The problem occurs when we manually insert or RESEED the Identity Values. Today I will give a couple of examples which can result in Duplicate Identity Values : RESEED Identity Values can generate Duplicate Records: Whenever we RESEED … Read moreSQL Server- Duplicate Values in Identity Columns