Email introduction

Source:   This article has been written for users of OpenPop.NET, but can be read by everyone wanting to know about emails. The goal of this article is help users understand: how emails are structured get a better understanding of why OpenPop.NET is built as it is Lets get right to it! An email is … Read moreEmail introduction

Http Patch Support in HttpClient

Source:   Lately I’ve been working with the System.Net.Http.HttpClient originally from the WebAPI and part of what’s available to build Metro style apps in Windows 8. I really like the way the client has been designed and especially the async /await support. One thing I noticed while working with the GitHub API was that while … Read moreHttp Patch Support in HttpClient

Parameter passing in C#

Parameter passing in C# Source:   Many people have become fairly confused about how parameters are passed in C#, particularly with regard to reference types. This page should help to clear up some of that confusion. If you have any suggestions for how it can be made clearer, please mail me. Microsoft also has a … Read moreParameter passing in C#